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At 22:52 16.04.2000 +0400, Alexei A. Frounze you wrote
--------> This was the original Message:
>Bernhard Stiftner wrote:


>> I think there's only one consequence:
>> I think I will also turn to Linux next time, and I
>> encourage everyone to do so, too.

I try to switch to Linux too: Debian/GNU-Linux 2.1r5 (because it ie stable)
It is easy to install If you like to get a ready to use Workstation, but 
note, Debian is "THE POWER LINUX" and many configurations must be made by 
hand... and if you like to get more the a Workstation, learn it... is GREAT and FREE !!!

Oh yes, I am programming with C and C++ under DJGPP and watt-32 since last 
year, and I programm very careful, because I like to port my 32Bit-Dos-Stuff
to Linuy easyly... 

Dou you know RHIDE for Linux ???   ;-))

>The only problem with boycott is that microsoft office and other well-known
>products will be used anyway because there is not a lot of other well-known
>software capable to do the same work. Yes, it sucks. But if we have no 
>alternate software, we can do nothing.

In Linux you can use the latest version (Sun)StarOffice 5.1a...
It can do all, what you can do with MSO97

>Just a sorry reality.
>Alexei A. Frounze


Don't cc: me on mailinglists, I'm subscribed, if I write there.
Linux rebootet man in drei Fällen: 
Neuer Kernel, neue (Board-)Hardware, Stromausfall....

Aber Windows rebootet man auch in drei Fällen: 
Schutzverletzung, Bluescreen, keinen Bock...

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