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On Sun, 16 Apr 2000, Robin Johnson wrote:

> It then calls gcc, with all of RHIDE still loaded, a chunk of memory overhead
> here now. gcc opens up the same source file, that RHIDE has open, possibly 
> causing a sharing violation (WinNT was always quite strict about this), 

Do you know for a fact that RHIDE keeps the source files open, or are
you merely assuming it?

I'd expect RHIDE to open the file only to read it into memory, then
close it again when it finishes reading it.  That is the sensible
thing to do, since otherwise it risks running out of file handles when
several files are loaded.  But I don't have RHIDE's sources to check

In any case, any sharing violations should not crash NTVDM.  At the
most, they should fail the file operation that is violating the
sharing restrictions, which will cause GCC to report a file-related

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