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Subject: Re: c|net: Microsoft has officially killed MS-DOS.
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On Mon, 17 Apr 2000 01:35:49 GMT, Rez
<rividh DOT minusthispart AT earthlink DOT net> wrote:

>Damian Yerrick wrote:
>> doing hard-core DOS action, I pick "Command prompt only" so that my
>> sound card will not crackle horribly.  But with Windows ME, it seems
>> I will have to reformat and repartition my hard drive to get several
>> boot partitions below 32 MB.
>What sound card is this? I vaguely recall some serious lack of support
>for certain sound cards in W98.

MagicWave 3DX audio subsystem from NeoMagic, being used as a Sound
Blaster Pro compatible card in any DOS game.  Windriver 4.03.2424.05T
(1997 Yamaha).

Boot into DOS or Linux: Recognized as a Sound Blaster Pro compatible

>> This has been CCed to Microsoft's suggestion box:
>>   mailto:mswish AT microsoft DOT com
>Good!! I'd have done it myself if I'd known where to send it offhand!

Now we know where to mail our _intelligently_written_ rants.

Damian Yerrick
"I refuse to listen to those who refuse to listen to reason."
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