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Subject: Re: c|net: Microsoft has officially killed MS-DOS.
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On Sun, 16 Apr 2000 23:15:57 +0100, Andrew R. Gillett
<arganoid AT fatal-design DOT com> wrote:

>In comp.os.msdos.djgpp, Bernhard Stiftner wrote:
>> After all, DOS apps are MUCH faster than Windows ones! Just
>> look at some games, for example. DOS games are fast and
>> stable and are achieving wonderful frame rates, even if
>> they use 3D-engines. But nowadays directx/direct3d-games
>> need 3d accelerator hardware to achieve satisfacting
>> results (in contrast to those "old" DOS apps).
>That's a bit daft - you can't directly compare, say, Quake 3 to Quake 1.

Quake 1 was ported.  Even Doom was ported several times.
Try Quake95 frame rate vs. DOS Quake frame rate.

ObDJGPP: DOS Quake was made with an early DJGPP system.

Damian Yerrick
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