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Nate Eldredge <neldredge AT hmc DOT edu> wrote:
> jacasey DOT invalid AT bajor DOT its DOT deakin DOT edu DOT au writes:

>> yeah as the subject says fflush(stdin); doesn't seem to work in dos or
>> djggp, any thoughts?

> According to ANSI, fflush(stdin) has undefined behavior, so
> technically, no matter what happens, DJGPP is still correct.  In
> practice, it just does nothing (IIRC).

> But that doesn't help you.  What did you want to accomplish by this?
> There is almost certainly a correct way to do it.

Okay heres the offending code snippet:

there seems to be a loose CR character in there somewhere, the first loop
goes fine and then after the second it completely skips my first gets();  
btw.  fflush(stdin); works quite nicely on unix (sun), I guess its just
not completely ansi compliant.

void get_job(QUEUE *queue) 
	int count;
	ELEMENT job_buffer;
	for(count=0;count <MAX_QUEUE;count++)
                printf("Enter job description: ");
		printf("Enter job number: ");
		printf("Enter job priority: ");

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