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"Robert L." <vlad3 AT sympatico DOT ca> wrote:

> i want to learn how to make the makefile.

Best way to do that is to read the docs. ;-)

Type 'info make' at the dos prompt for a full guide.  There is also a
make tutorial on

> prog.obj : prog.cpp
>     gxx -c -o prog.obj prog.cpp
> # link time, how to make it.

prog : prog.o
	gxx prog.o -o prog

prog.o : prog.cpp
	gxx -c -o prog.o prog.cpp

The above will achieve what you want, but there is much more to make
than can be explained here (enough to write a book in fact ;-).  

I suggest to start by RTFM, and spend some time looking at other
user's makefiles.

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