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Subject: Re: UPX 1.01 executable packer
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Super!! UPX is very good. I used it, I compressed SEAL (DOS GUI
to 47%!!

Laszlo Molnar schrieb in Nachricht <200004101435 DOT KAA20889 AT delorie DOT com>...
>Dear audience,
>we are pleased to announce UPX 1.01. The Ultimate Packer for
>eXecutables is a portable, extensible, high-performance executable
>packer for several different executable formats. It achieves an
>excellent compression ratio and offers *very* fast decompression.
>UPX can pack (and unpack) the following executable formats:
>        dos/exe, dos/sys, dos/com, djgpp2/coff, watcom/le,
>        win32/pe, rtm32/pe, linux/i386 and tmt/adam
>Changes since version 0.94
>  * win32/pe: fixed an uncompression problem in DLLs with empty
>    fixup sections
>  * win32/pe: fixed another rare uncompression problem - a field in the
>    PE header was set incorrectly
>  * documentation updates
>  * watcom/le: do not duplicate the non-resident name table
>  * win32/pe: fixed an import handling problem: sometimes too much data
>    could be deleted from a file -> the uncompressed file would not work
>    anymore
>  * win32/pe: fixed a rare problem in the stub string handling part
>  * dos/exe: fixed a typo causing an internal error (introduced in 0.99.1)
>  * win32/pe: fixed some object alignments which were causing
>    problems when loading compressed DLLs under Windows NT/2000
>  * win32/pe: changed default to `--strip-relocs=1'
>  * dos/com and dos/sys: fixed a bad decompressor problem
>  * linux/i386: the counter for the progress indicator was off by one
>This is the first production quality release, and we plan that future
>releases will be backward compatible with this version.
>Please report all problems or suggestions to the authors. Thanks.
>Spread and enjoy,
>Laszlo & Markus

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