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Do you have already look at the output of the new pgcc/ecgs-gcc 
compiler ? (Andris Pavenis has ported this to the DJGPP-environment,
downloadable from
Many of the awfull code-generations and C++-problems, you described, 
are replaced/solved now.


"Alexei A. Frounze" wrote:

> Hi!
> 1st question...
> Why GCC output too much redundant code?
> I mean, it always put values to the CPU registers, although it's possible to
> make the same operation w/o taking registers?
> Also why GCC does type cast of byte/word <-> dword values so awful? It allocates
> some extra bytes on the stack, put values there and get them back...
> Is it a normal thing, if one instruction that adds something to ESP(or EBP) is
> followed by sutracting instruction that works with the same register?
> ... I'll find some extra info later ...
> 2nd question...
> Why the "-O2" switch works normally for pure C source code and makes compiler
> failing on the source with inline assembly (in the .S file made out of such .C
> an error encounters:
> "Error: Error: Missing ')' assumed"
> "Error: Error: Ignoring junk `(%ebp))' after expression")?
> W/o the -O2 switch it's compiled fine. Isn't it a little bit strange?
> Thanks in advance.
> Alexei A. Frounze
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