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"Dominy James" <972162410 AT students DOT unp DOT ac DOT za> writes:

> Hi,
> I just recently downloaded the latest versions of djgpp, from the
> zippicker (today, after it was fixed)
> Things compile and run fine, except for some reason code I wrote
> with version 2.01 won't compile because there are a whole bunch of
> errors along the lines of
> Error : ANSI C++ forbids .......
> Most of these are easy to remedy, but is there a way I can let ANSI
> rules slip?

Try using -fpermissive, or perhaps -Wno-error.

> Also it compiles alot of my inline asm fine, but complains after a
> link about one of the registers spilling. I haven't changed any of
> the code.

Recent versions of GCC enforce the inline asm rules more tightly, so
if your code broke them somehow, it might just now be causing a
problem.  See .


Nate Eldredge
neldredge AT hmc DOT edu

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