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From: Nate Eldredge <neldredge AT hmc DOT edu>
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Subject: Re: fflush(stdin); /*doesn't seem to work in dos? */
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jacasey DOT invalid AT bajor DOT its DOT deakin DOT edu DOT au writes:

> yeah as the subject says fflush(stdin); doesn't seem to work in dos or
> djggp, any thoughts?

According to ANSI, fflush(stdin) has undefined behavior, so
technically, no matter what happens, DJGPP is still correct.  In
practice, it just does nothing (IIRC).

But that doesn't help you.  What did you want to accomplish by this?
There is almost certainly a correct way to do it.


Nate Eldredge
neldredge AT hmc DOT edu

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