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I do not know...

But I do not use such things as Allegro for my 3d projects. At least my current
project can not be written with Allegro. Allegro is a very common gfx library.
For *really* fast 3d game engine it's not suitable. Btw, Allegro doesn't support
Light Mapping used in Quake and it is not a very good thing for portal

But please don't get me wrong!!! Allegro is a *very good library*, though.

As for math chip, it's very slow on 486s and quite fast on Pentiums. For
Pentiums I recommend to mix CPU and FPU instructions in order to achieve the
best performance. Btw, pairing on U and V pipes is also a very good feature of

I strongly recommend you to switch to Pentium instead of old and slow 486. 

Btw, why your 3d engine is so slow? Mine does 45-70 FPS on P133 in 320x200 mode.
I think yours is slow due to overdraw. Right?

Good Luck.
Alexei A. Frounze

vingfel AT excite DOT com wrote:
> I use an old DJGPP with Allegro.
> I created a small prototype of a new type of 3D engine.
> This give me 5 minutes on my old 486DX2, 8Mb ram, to compute a picture, and
> about 30 seconds (!!) on my Celerom366 (Overclocked to 500), 128Mb ram.
> I just want to know... Is it sure that Allegro routine and DJGPP use the
> math co-processor by default??
> The answer ca be simply "Yes" or "No"...
> Thank you for your help,
>    Vincent Gfeller
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