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Subject: Announcing DCDB 1.0
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DCDB is a single user database engine written in C and designed to be
efficient and well documented.  It is similar in scope to commercial
engines, although not as feature rich.  It compiles cleanly under Linux,
Solaris (using GCC) and DJGPP, although it should be portable to any
environment with a port of GCC.

You can get the sources from


The home page for this project is

DCDB unpacks into a directory tree that is unique to the product and NOT
like the one used by DJGPP.  Please do not install DCDB in your DJGPP
home directory!  Also, the library files all have DOS compatible 8x3
names; however, some of the sample files have longer names and will not
work correctly under DOS.  Also, the pack functionality creates
temporary names that are not DOS compatible.  If there is enough
interest, I will change the library to accomodate DOS 8x3 naming
conventions (I don't need it myself).  For now, however, assume that
this must be compiled under Win95 with LFN=Y in djgpp.env.

If you run the tests under Win95, you may need to change the memory
settings for your DOS window.  Some of the samples require more memory
than 16Megs, which is the optimal setting for DJGPP.  So, to run the
samples, change your DPMI memory settings for the window to auto and
that should allow you to run all of the samples (assuming you have 32
Megs of RAM or more :o).  DCDB has not been tested on a machine with
less than 64 Megs of RAM, although I don't see any reason why it
wouldn't work on such a machine.

Read the README file in the distribution for instructions on compiling
DCDB and generating the Documentation.  The docs require TeX/LaTeX.

David May
Senior UNIX System Administrator
Albuquerque TVI

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