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Subject: bcc2grx & grx - initgraph() failure
Date: 10 Apr 2000 17:01:25 +0100
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The following simple program fails, linked with libbcc2.a and libgrx20.a:

/* START */

#include <grx20.h>
#include <libbcc.h>

  int graphdriver=DETECT,graphmode;


/* FINISH */

The return error is 1, with GrSetMode() complaining to stderr that it has
received an "unknown graphics mode." Does anyone know what I'm doing
wrong, or will I have to resort to hacking through bcc2grx? 

Alternatively, does anyone know a preferred place for this query? I'd hope
that c.o.m.d was close /enough/; apologies if people think this off-topic. 

My roommate's cat chirps and twitters rather than meowing. Suddenly I can
understand her, and all she talks about is her support of Communism!

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