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Eli Zaretskii <eliz AT is DOT elta DOT co DOT il> wrote:

>You took a trivial example.  Try a real-life program, and you'll see
>what I mean.  The problem happens because indentation uses blanks and
>spaces together.  Tabs change their size, but blanks don't.

Huh?  If you indent with tabs, then you indent with tabs, not a mixture of
tabs and spaces.  Could you post an example of what you're talking about?

>> As for printing, if your editor doesn't support directly printing the source
>> using the current tab size, you can always pass it through a filter.
>IMHO it's not nice to force other users to use filters and other
>tricks just because you like your tabs to be of non-default size.

Who said anything about forcing anyone else to do it?

>> Not necesarily.  If you want to make certain that anyone viewing the code
>> knows what tab size you used, it's easy enough to stick a comment to that
>> effect in the file.
>Again, you force the people who read your code to do something on your
>behalf.  It doesn't help them to like your code.

It only forces them to do it if they want to see the code exactly as you
did.  As I keep pointing out, the code is perfectly viewable with a
different tab size; it's just wider/narrower.

>> Also note that there's no reason why two people working on the same source
>> code file necesarily have to view it using the same tab size
>See above: you want them to understand the structure of the source
>using the indentation as a cue.

As long as you've consistently used tabs for indenting, the displayed
structure of the code is completely unaffected by the tabsize.  I already
posted an example of this.

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