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Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 08:35:40 +0200 (IST)
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Subject: Re: Keyboard Lockups
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On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, Raymond Martineau wrote:

> you compile Quake version 1.09, the problem may exist, but the
> official binaries for version 1.08 (or any earlier version) do not
> contain this problem.  

Quake was compiled with an early beta of DJGPP v2.0 and it is run
using an early version of CWSDPMI, both of them dating back to 1995.
You are saying, in effect, that all the released versions of DJGPP had
this problem.

> If you use Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Break to stop the program, you will receive
> the standard response if the keyboard locks up (which is just a simple
> register dump, which is independant of the problem.)

Are you saying that while the program is wedged, Ctrl-BREAK causes the
standard crash message and traceback?

If so, please run the SYMIFY utility on the traceback and post it
here, it is very important to see it to gain insight into the problem.
(You will need to compile and link with -g to have useful effect from
running SYMIFY, see sectiopn 9.3 of the DJGPP FAQ for details.)

What version of CWSDPMI do you have installed, btw?  (Assuming you use
CWSDPMI as your DPMI server; if not, please tell what do you use for

> Anyway, I have a small Qbasic program that makes it easier to
> reproduce this problem.  I have only reproduced this on two out of
> three computers I tested (The two were pentium class machines, the
> third was a 486.) This program is designed to be used with two
> specific programs: QCCX and Proqcc (available at
> and
> respectivly.
> Both are <110K downloads.)

Did you see these problems in any other programs except these two?
Can you try to reproduce them with one of the utilities shipped with

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