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David Cleaver wrote:
> Hello all,
> Reading some of the threads recently made me check to see what my version of gcc
> was, well, you guessed it, it was 2.8.1.   I've just finished downloading what I
> believe to be all the files needed to update to gcc 2.95.2.  However, when I
> compile a program that is supposed to be compile-able with this latest release
> it tells me that I am missing a file.  It says that I am missing comm.a?  Can
> someone please tell me what comm.a is and what .zip it is included in so I can
> download it?  Thank you for your time.
> -David C.

Has no one ever heard of a library called comm.a?  I am asking in the wrong
place (or a wrong question)?  Some feedback would be appreciated.

-David C.

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