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On Wed, 22 Mar 2000 16:40:06 -0500, "Martin Peach"
<martin AT vr-labs DOT com> wrote:

>Robert L. <vlad3 AT sympatico DOT ca> wrote in message
>news:lD9C4.1556$1C2 DOT 146525 AT news20 DOT bellglobal DOT com...
>> Hi,
>> i can't write char with accent (    ) using djgpp.
>> it's certainly an ASCII setting i haven't see.
>> i have try \x90 (  ) but it's not this char djgpp output.
>> (  cout<<"\x90"; )
>> And with this char, the warning
>> escape sequence out of range of character
>ASCII only goes up to 0x7F. The A in ASCII stands for American. Americans
>don't know about accents, at least not back in the days of teletype
>machines..:(. There are no accented characters in ASCII. Unamerican
>characters may be represented by multi-byte sequences, hence they are out of
>range of char, which is one byte long.

But what about iso-8859-1, which OP is probably trying to refer to?
It uses the negative characters (char)-96 to (char)-1 to store
precomposed characters that are commonly used in Western writing.

Damian Yerrick
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