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Subject: Re: How do I compile Pascal and Fortran programs?
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> > > Your chronology is a little mixed up. C was created as the same time
> > > as UNIX, i. e. around the beginning of the seventies. I'm quite sure
> > > this was before Pascal.
> > I thought C was created from a language called 'B' (so i was informed) and
> > then later on UNIX was rewritten entirely in C language.

"Campbell, Rolf [SKY:1U32:EXCH]" wrote:
> I think it was a mixture of Ada and some language that starts with 'B'.

Ooops! Ada is more recent than that (1983 for the 1st version, 1995 for
the 2nd and current one that comprises OO and less pedantic rules).

Ada 83 has some features that are not in C (at least the 1968 one...) 
and would have been partialy there according to your chronology.

- full modularity info within source code (no need of makefiles)
- exceptions
- genericity (templates)
- tasking
- precise typing
- subtypes, initialised objects or even object types
- standard pragmas for inlining, optimizing or suppressing checks

Of course the software industry has by essence an enormous
capability of recycling old things into apparently new ones
so it tends to mix up the ages...

Gautier  --

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