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Subject: Re: How do I compile Pascal and Fortran programs?
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Campbell, Rolf [SKY:1U32:EXCH] (moscoop AT americasm01 DOT nt DOT com) wrote:
: Osah wrote:

: > > Your chronology is a little mixed up. C was created as the same time
: > > as UNIX, i. e. around the beginning of the seventies. I'm quite sure
: > > this was before Pascal.
: > I thought C was created from a language called 'B' (so i was informed) and
: > then later on UNIX was rewritten entirely in C language.

: I think it was a mixture of Ada and some language that starts with 'B'.

Again the chronology seems to be severly mixed up. I really don't
think Ada was near it's inception at that time. However the person Ada
was well before this.

Let me quote Harbison and Steele, C, a Reference Manual:
"Dennis Ritchie designed the C language at Bell Laboratories in about
1972, and its ancestry dates from ALGOL 60 (1960), through Cambridge's
CPL (1963), Martin Richards's BCPL (1967) and Ken Thompson's B
language (1970) at Bell Labs."

Di Leva, För Sverige i rymden,


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