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On 20 March 2000, ervin nesimovic wrote:

> error: grafika.o: In function 'main':
> undefined reference to 'font'
> same for 'screen' and 'texout_center' and 'readkey'.
> There is allso an Error for : undefined reference to 'install_allegro' and
> 'install_keyboard' and 'set_gfx_mode'
> So I wander can it be with my installation. I have copied libdegui.a to lib
> and builder.exe to bin and made a link in libraries for emu, alleg and
> degui!
> Can you help me now?

Sure. I can help you now. This is exactly how much information you must

The problem is that you haven't linked that allegro library with it.

So, you should do this:

gpp -o grafika.exe -lalleg

This will solve all those problems.

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