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On Mon, 20 Mar 2000 21:57:38 -0000, "Ben Davis"
<ben AT vjpoole DOT freeserve DOT co DOT uk> wrote:

>>Not encrypting files gives users
>>the ability to extend the game by adding levels.
>Don't worry - you'll be able to add and share levels with no problem; you
>can even create separate game files, etc. However, you'll have to wait for
>the editor to come out.

Why wait to release the editor?

>It is only the main game file which (is already) encrypted
>and cannot be modified.

I see.  So people can't just take out all the baddies and claim they
beat the game.

>>Actually, it has been fixed.  What are you using?  RC5?  CSC?  DES?
>>All have been 0wn3d by
>Could you explain please? I'm sorry, I don't understand that paragraph.

What encryption algorithm will you be using?  It shouldn't be some
gimp DES algorithm that can be brute-force cracked by a loosely knit
group of volunteers on the Internet in under 24 hours.

>>Care to write up a crypto API for Allegro that can be extended with
>>user-supplied crypto?  The developers would love it.  And crypto is
>>legal to distribute (at least from the United States) as long as
>>it's free software.
>Maybe one day, but surely you don't expect me to give too much away?

Giving stuff away will help the community.  The Free Software
Foundation and Red Hat Software gives stuff away (on and and still stay afloat.

>I probably will, however, write a portable equivalent of File System
>Extensions for the Allegro packfile functions.

That's what I meant; it would be very nice.

Damian Yerrick
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