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Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> The way to access the registry from DOS programs is known and well
> documented.
> There's a book called "Inside the Windows 95 Registry" which tells the
> story and shows code.

From what I can recall, this book does not contain enough information for
programs working in 32-bit protected mode. Something to do with the value
of the SS & BP registers before and after calls, although that's just a
hazy recollection.

> There's a library compatible with DJGPP (called regdos or something)
> which can do that.  Look it up.

Regdos seems to have vanished, reappeared and then vanished again - or
rather, the author's home page has disappeared. Anyway, I just discovered
that I put a copy of it here:

Eli, it might be a good idea to add this to the DJGPP FAQ. ;) I had
honestly completely forgotten that I had it on my web page! I only
discovered it when I was making some mods to that page.

> > Why doesn't it just store its registry as text like GNU/Linux does?
> Because Microsoft never meant for applications to access this
> information.

They broke their own rules quickly then!

FWIW this registry code is reliable. libsocket uses it to get all sorts of
TCP/IP information from the registry. I don't recommend this method to
anyone. It's pretty broken. If you can avoid using the registry, use some
other method.


Richard Dawe
richdawe AT bigfoot DOT com ICQ 47595498

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