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That Chris Mears was really trying to be helpful, but didn't quite hit
the spot. The output is 10x larger than what we are expecting, however
that would be OK if it did the job.
Flat binary only is what we want, the files can then be linked up later
on another system.
(Subtle differences in object files from elf/a.out systems  are what is
causing the grief. )

Chris Mears wrote:

> That Eric Dines <esd AT deakin DOT edu DOT au> really knows where his towel is.
> On Mon, 20 Mar 2000 20:17:03 +1100, he wrote:
> >Can anyone tell me how to produce a.out binaries from DJGPP without
> >creating some sort of cross compiler please?
> gcc foo.c -o a.out
> ;-)
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> Chris Mears
> chris_mears AT softhome DOT net
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