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Eric Dines <esd AT deakin DOT edu DOT au> wrote:
> That Chris Mears was really trying to be helpful, but didn't quite hit
> the spot. 

Nor did your original question define the spot to be hit all too

> Flat binary only is what we want, the files can then be linked up later
> on another system.

'Flat binary' and 'linked ... later' are a contradiction to each
other. Flat binary means that no 'control information' is in the file,
just raw executable code and data. Stuff like addresses that the
linker will have to fix up for relocating the code to its final
position would be missing, i.e. you cannot possibly 'link' this to
anything else, later.

DJGPP tools can generate flat binary, in principle. See 'objcopy
--help' and 'objdump -i' output for some details, and/or read the full
binutils documentation in 'info'.

> (Subtle differences in object files from elf/a.out systems  are what is
> causing the grief. )

You should re-think your strategy, and ask more clearly *what* you
want, and why. Your question has been rather vague, so far.

Hans-Bernhard Broeker (broeker AT physik DOT rwth-aachen DOT de)
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