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On Sun, 19 Mar 2000, AndrewJ wrote:

> It should also be noted that 3.x didn't *fully* (or is that properly?)
> support DPMI 0.9. If you check Ralf Brown's Interrupt List, it shows all the
> calls that 3.x dislikes.

Almost all of the unsupported functions are only relevant for Windows
3.0 in standard mode--hardly an interesting environment for DJGPP.
Windows 3.1 and 3.10 has problems with only 1 function.

> Isn't it kind of amusing that, in the 200+ MB of Windows '98 (and the
> minimum 100 MB I got '95 down to), Microsoft didn't bother to squeeze in 1.0
> support?

It's the usual Microsoft way: introduce a new API, get the entire
industry on the run to support it, then drop it a year or two later.

Microsoft needed DPMI because the Windows kernel loads itself as a
DPMI client.  But once the kernel is loaded, its needs of the DPMI API
are quite limited, so they didn't bother to support more than is

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