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I am making a class and function library
using DJGPP. I make one file for each module
or class definition. As in all the methods
and definitions for a class go into one file.

My question is, does gcc or ld do the 'smart
linking' or dead code elimination thing when I 
later link my library in my programs? 

A few years back, I read in a review in PC
Techniques about a compiler called JPI Topspeed
C/C++. It does this smart linking thing with
template classes. It does not link in all
of the methods for a template class, only those
that are actually called in your program. This
reduces the size of the executable. It makes
sense to link in only the methods that will be
actually used in a program. I don't know if it
works for ordinary classes, I haven't been
able to get a copy of JPI Topspeed C/C++.

I used to program libraries using Borland
compilers, and I had to create a separate file
for each method that belongs to a single class.
It was a nightmare in file management. Must I
do the same thing using DJGPP? Must I split
and distribute my class method definitions 
into many files (one method to a file)?


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