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Subject: Differences between DJGPP & Visual C++
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I'm a C++ student.  In class we develop our C++ projects on MS Visual C++.  I
use DJGPP on my notebook at home.  I'm baffled by some of the differences. 
I've been reading the documentation, but I can't find everything I'm looking
for.  Would a kind person please clear  up some of these questions?

1. Does DJGPP lack the Standard Header Files that are current for?  (Must I use
<iostream.h> instead of <iostream> and <iomanip.h> instead of <iomanip>?)

2. If #1 is Yes, does that mean I can't be referring to namespaces (like 'using
namespace std;')?

I'm having trouble figuring out libraries and headers.  If I can make sense out
of this, then I can make versions of my exercises for home and for school.

Thanks for anybody's help.


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