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Subject: Re: Some dodgy FILE hackery
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Damian Yerrick wrote:
> >Do I detect a note of resent for the secretive?
> Yes.  Not encrypting your data files is the "mistake" Nullsoft (now
> a division of AOL) made that gave Winamp the killer feature (i.e.
> skins) that made it so popular.  Not encrypting files gives users
> the ability to extend the game by adding levels.

one shall hope that such "mistakes" are to be a choice of an individual
instead of a dogma apporpriated by others (ie u).

resent exhibited towards one's choice regarding ones own work is perhaps
the best qualifier for the resentment in the first place.

perhaps being a division of some huge company is an appropriate dream of
yours - but to somehow assume and assert your values of what is
desirable and what is not, what should be accepted as a correct practice
whether in code or in life upon others is a  mistake. For the sake of
everyones time i shall not endeavour into further examples of y such a
mistake is indeed a mistake.

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