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Subject: Re: precompiled headers and djgpp
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DJ Delorie wrote:
> > It's not DJGPP.  It's GCC (and cc1*.exe) that compiles your code.
> > DJGPP, technically speaking, is a C library and a set of tools to make
> > GCC work with DOS, right?
> DJGPP is what you get when you put all the pieces together to get a
> complete development environment for DOS.

ok - but what i mean is - since percompiled headers are the issue in
windows env and not in dos and YET one can use djgpp + software add on
library (forget its name) to code for win32 then what is the part that
is in control of deciding whether or not to support precompiled

in other words is it the responsibility of compiler to support
percompiled headers and if so then i presume some another compiler (from
a library add on for win32) is used to compile the code.

In other words - it is cool if djgpp does not support precompiled
headers - but if it IS used in coding for win32 (as is the case) then
the issue of precompiled headers is surfaced again? or would it be up to
the software add on (which supports win32 compilation) to suport
precompiled headers?

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