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On Thu, 16 Mar 2000 11:11:07 -0500, "Campbell, Rolf [SKY:1U32:EXCH]"
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>Traveler wrote:
>>[snip: Accessor methods are annoying.]
>    Well, my responce is:  Don't use access functions!  I think they
>are one of the most over-used, annoying aspects of C++ programming.

You are so entitled.

>And most of the time they are just used to force 'read-only' for
>public access.  To start with, I think this should have been part
>of the C++ specification (const public: could mean that outside
>that class's scope it is treated as const).

But that would break all existing programs if you figured out a better
implementation of the class that didn't use that variable.  Data
hiding is one of the reasons why accessor methods exist.  How hard is
when string::length() is inlined to return my_string._length?

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Damian Yerrick
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