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Campbell, Rolf [SKY:1U32:EXCH] wrote in message
<38D108E3 DOT D9821E3B AT americasm01 DOT nt DOT com>...
>Ben Davis wrote:
>> I need to write an installation program for my DOS game. I want to design
>> so that if it detects Windows 95 or higher it puts the game in the Start
>> Menu.
>You can get the windows directory in the 'windir' environment variable, but
>location of the Start Menu is stored in the windows registry, so if
>moves their Start Menu, then your program would fail to add to it.

All right. How do I read the Windows registry from a DOS program (if it's
What part of the registry should I read?

Anyway, how would you move the Start Menu? Wouldn't Windows itself lose
track of it -- or is it more intelligent than that?! :-)

Ben Davis

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