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Nate Eldredge wrote in message <834sa6r3v4 DOT fsf AT mercury DOT st DOT hmc DOT edu>...
>Damian Yerrick <Bullshitd_yerrick AT hotmail DOT comRemoveBullshit> writes:
>> >I have to do the encryption manually; the built-in password function
>> >isn't secure enough.
>> I know; it's xor.
>Note that if the decryption will be done on the user's machine, no
>encryption is really secure, since they can catch the data as it comes
>out of decryption.  A debugger would probably suffice for this.

Doesn't matter. By the time it comes out of encryption, nobody's going to
care (or notice) that it was ever encrypted. Before that they won't have
enough information, and they would be *VERY* lucky to find the pattern! :-)

Ben Davis

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