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"Alex Gevatter" <alex DOT gevatter AT web DOT de> writes:

> Hello DJGPP-Gurus!
> How can I force the GCC-Compiler to put the output-messages (e.g.
> warnings, errors) into a file instead of the screen?
> I'm using Windows 98 respectively DOS.
> I tried
> gcc myfile.c > results.txt
> but it doesn't work. The file "results.txt" has been created, but it is
> empty (0 Bytes), the error-messages are written to the screen.
> Is there an option, that forces the GCC to write the messages into a
> file?
> Please help me, I am desperate!

DJGPP includes a command called `redir' that will do this.  I think
the syntax in this case would be `redir -e results.txt gcc myfile.c'.
Anyway, there's documentation under Utilities.


Nate Eldredge
neldredge AT hmc DOT edu

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