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On Thu, 16 Mar 2000, Damian Yerrick wrote:

> >But this problem is not something Zip should care about on the
> >application level.  Instead, it should let the library do the job.
> >The DJGPP version of `stat' already knows how to identify executable
> >files as such,
> OK.  But what about the Win32 console version?

You can guess how much do I care ;-).

Seriously, though: Zip should first request that the various Win32 
library developers make their `stat' right.  If that's impossible
in some cases (I'd expect Cygwin to comply), they could provide a
substitute for the library version of `stat' which does what DJGPP does 
(the sources are there to use).

But at the very least, they should NOT cripple the program if `stat' does 
its job.  In other words, if the execute bit *is* returned, don't mask it.

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