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Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 19:04:07 +0200 (EET)
From: Ganesh Sivaraman <ganeshs AT cc DOT hut DOT fi>
cc: djgpp AT delorie DOT com
Subject: Mouse aint working in GRX 2.3
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Reply-To: djgpp AT delorie DOT com


I have been trying to use the mouse with GRX 2.3. But it doesnt work. I am
not using GRX for any major programming but what i want is the mouse to
work, thats all. Even the simple mousetest program doesnt work. The mouse
pointer just stucks at the left corner and thats it.

Could anyone provide me with the solution? I feel it is the
configuration problem, is it something to do with gpm. Oh yes, I am using
Redhat6.0 i386...

Thank you,

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