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Subject: Far jumps...
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Hi all,

	A simple question. I thought I knew how to do it but somehow I
can't seem to make it work. Imagine I have this (in NASM), 

      _OldVect  resd 8*2 ; Pointers to original int handlers
        ; ebx holds the wrapper number and cx:edx the selector:offset
	; returned by dpmi function 0204h
	mov     [_OldVect+ebx*8], edx     ; Save offset
        mov     [_OldVect+ebx*8+4], cx    ; Save selector
	jmp far [cs:_OldVect + 8*wrapper_number]

	And the previous line chains back to the old handler. This
works just fine. But,
assuming I want to split the _OldVect in 2 variables _OldSel and _OldOff
to hold the 16-bit selector and 32-bit offset. How do I proceed? I can't
seem to do the jmp without error... Thanks in advance,

						Frederico Jeronimo

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