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On Wed, 15 Mar 2000 Jeffrey_Krupp AT May-Co DOT com wrote:

> Hi. I am having a linking problem where I get the message:
> 'Error: <obj_filename>: can not read symbols'.
> The particular 'obj_filename' is one that uses a tcpip library.

Please post the exact command line used to link your program, and the
exact text of the error messages you see.

Also, please tell where did you get the tcpip library.  Are you sure
it was compiled with DJGPP?  If not, you probably can't use it.

> Since an object file is created, what symbols are the linker talking
> about?

The object file includes names of the external symbols (functions,
global variables, etc.) recorded in it in a special format.  The
linker needs to read those symbols in order to know what other
modules does it need to link into the program.

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