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Subject: Re: gcc-2.95.2 + bnu-2.9.5 cross compiler?
Date: 16 Mar 2000 09:04:40 GMT
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Damian Yerrick (Bullshitd_yerrick AT hotmail DOT comRemoveBullshit) wrote:
: On Wed, 15 Mar 2000 17:48:33 +0200 (IST), Eli Zaretskii
: <eliz AT is DOT elta DOT co DOT il> wrote:
: >The problem is Info-zip on DOS/Windows, not on Unix.  For some reason, 
: >Zip ignores the execute bit.  It probably assumes that since DOS/Windows 
: >don't have this bit stored in their filesystems, it isn't worth worrying 
: >about.  (Personally, I consider this to be a bug.)  When you unzip the 
: >files on Unix, the shell scripts lose their exec bit.

: So tell the Info-ZIP maintainers to set the execute bit of *.EXE,
: *.COM, *.BAT, and *.SH

No good. Shell scripts (and perl and whatever) doesn't necessarily
have an extension.

U2, October,


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