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Dieter wrote:

d>There must be a misunderstanding. I cannot get German characters
d>with the Alt-numeric method in bash (but I can get them using the

as Jochen suggested in this thread simply put

 set meta-flag on
 set convert-meta off
 set output-meta on
 set input-meta on

in your ${HOME}/_inputrc (or .inputrc) to get all characters with the  
eights bit set.

d> But I do hear a beep in bash when I type the German
d>characters either directly or by using the Alt-nnn method in bash. I
d>think Sven mentioned, that he does not hear the beep.

I think this is more a problem with my system than DJGPP-related. I tried  
to copy char 7 (bell) to stdout at the dos-prompt -- it didn't beep too.

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