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On Tue, 14 Mar 2000 22:48:21 -0000, "Ben Davis"
<ben AT vjpoole DOT freeserve DOT co DOT uk> wrote:

>I use DJGPP and Allegro. Most of my files (eg. levels) are saved
>using the packfile functions of Allegro. I need to encrypt some
>of these files without making them bigger.


>I have to do the encryption manually; the built-in password function
>isn't secure enough.

I know; it's xor.

>I want to intercept all the low-level file inputs/outputs (where DOS
>takes over from Allegro) so that I can modify the bytes at this stage.
>But I don't want to modify the Allegro source.

Why not?  Allegro for DJGPP is static linked.

>The packfile functions of Allegro ultimately use read() and write(), and the
>DOS file handle is stored in the PACKFILE structure so I can access it

The Allegro source code is stored in /.../allegro/src so you can
access it readily.

Damian Yerrick
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