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Anthony <locutus AT mailcity DOT com> wrote:
> I am using ncurses 5 on Linux.  I need to try out djgpp on
> dos 7.1 so I wonder if the function call in PDcurses compatible
> with ncurses? Or do I have to learn PDcurses from the beginning?

depending on what you are doing, it is fairly compatible.  PDCurses is
based on SVr3 curses, with some of the features from SVr4 curses, while
ncurses is based on SVr4 curses.  The main difference between the two
is the handling of color - which is the "some of the features" that
PDCurses implements.  A few functions and macros are missing, but there
are workarounds for most of those.

-- that's assuming a normal/simple program (PDCurses doesn't have a
   terminfo interface, so some things such as the 'dots.c' program
   in ncurses 5 won't port to PDCurses.

Thomas E. Dickey
dickey AT clark DOT net

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