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Ian <duxbury AT kentmere23 DOT freeserve DOT co DOT uk> wrote in message
news:8aggbd$lol$1 AT newsg3 DOT svr DOT pol DOT co DOT uk...
> I recentlly had to reinstall my Djgpp C compiler, I have tried to compile
> files and I get error message:
> Gcc.Exe installation problem, cannot exec 'as': no such file or
> directory(ENOENT).
> Anyone help. I tried using the zip file djDev203, and then I installed the
> gcc2952b in the same directory. I can't remember what I used the first
> I installed it but I didn't have any trouble.

Hi Ian,

Don't know if this would help but I think you are missing the "binutils"
archive - AS.EXE is the "ASsembler" that is used
by GCC to actually build programs - you MUST have this to get DJGPP to work.
Check out the site you got DJGPP from and get the binutils archive - it
should have as.exe in it. This must go to the DJGPP\bin directory.

Also, check that your path is correctly set up - you might have AS - but
your system cannot find it.

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