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Warp Kez wrote:
> Out of necessity I have to rewrite most of my VB programs in C, but I am
> unfamiliar with the language.
> Is there a web site that specialises in Network programming using DJGPP,
> that could give me an idea on the command structure required to ping and
> then return that machines hostname?

This really depends which operating system you want the program to run

I maintain libsocket:

This uses some of Windows's low-level networking interfaces (virtual
device drivers) to provide networking to DOS programs running under

You could use the RSXNT/DJ add-on for DJGPP, which allows you to create
Windows programs using DJGPP.

If you want to the program to run under DOS, then you could look at

To ping a machine you need to construct an ICMP packet, which means
constructing the IP header yourself using a raw socket. Winsock 1 (well,
Microsoft's implementation) will not allow you to do this. Winsock 2 does,
but you need to run with Administrator priviledges on Windows NT. IIRC
Watt-32 has raw socket support, so you should be able to do this under

To return the host name you'll need to do a reverse DNS lookup (numbers to
name(s)), which aren't strictly required by the RFCs. The BSD socket call
for this gethostbyaddr().

I have a bunch of links here that might help you:

If you're mainly concerned about Windows, then read the Winsock
Programmer's FAQ (link on the links page above). This is a good read
anyway, for general network programming.

HTH, bye,

Richard Dawe
richdawe AT bigfoot DOT com ICQ 47595498

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