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Hi Eli,

d>> How can I enable german umlauts in bash 2.03 (Win95, LFN=y)?
d>Please explain what do you mean by that.  Where do you need to use
d>Latin-1 characters, exactly, and what happens in Bash 2.03 when you

It's quit simple: nothing happens when typing the umlaut keys. Nothing
appears at the prompt. I.e. it's not possible to remove files with umlauts
in its names.

Any german Win95-'link' is automatically called 'Verkn"upfung mit
program', so it's hard to avoid such filenames.

d>> Everything worked fine with bash 1.14.7.
d>Bash 1.14.7 had special multibyte extensions, but Daisuke Aoyama, who
d>ported that version, never reported the necessary changes to the Bash

I'll have a look at the current SuSE-6.3 Linux distribution, especially
the bash version. SuSE 6.3 is a german distribution, so it should work.


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