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Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 23:37:13 +0500
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Subject: Re: Linker Problem
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Damian Yerrick <DONT DOT YOU DOT DAREd_yerrick AT hotmail DOT comSEND DOT SPAM> writes:

> On Sun, 12 Mar 2000 06:53:18 +0500, Prashant TR <tr AT midpec DOT com> wrote:
> >To avoid problems, you could use a makefile (info make). If you have EMACS,
> >you can run these makefiles easily.
> I found out how to use (the infamous tab-to-space editor) to
> edit a makefile:
> To make a real tab, hold Ctrl and type pi. (C-p is "insert control
> character" and C-i is the tab character.) You have to redo this
> whenever editing a line that contains a command.

Great! You must have had a hard time finding this out. Phew! Just imagine
writing a huge Makefile using this technique (doing C-pi all the time).

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