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Subject: NT long file name support
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I do a lot of MSDOS programming using QuickBasic PDS 7.1. I adapted QB
to use long file names on Win95/98, and it works just fine.

They are switching everyone at work to NT. NT has no long file name
interrupts since the DOS box is 5.0 rather than 7. I do not want to
sacrifice my MSDOS tools.

I do VB as well, but I have no desire to convert my tools to VB, then
switch back and forth from the command prompt to a window.

I am wondering if DJGPP could be used to provide long file name support
to my QB programs. I can do assembler pretty well when I need to.
Possibly I could make a TSR to be loaded when I enter the DOS session,
and I could use the TSR to emulate Win95/98 long file name interrupts.
If not the TSR, possibly I could make NT calls directly from the

Comments or advice would be appreciated.

dmcdivitt AT yahoo DOT com

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