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Subject: Re: Newbie question regarding header files and environment for gcc
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On Sun, 12 Mar 2000, Jason Young wrote:

> I'm having some trouble getting my djgpp environment set up properly.
> I'm on a Windows '95 machine running gcc in a DOS window. I had a
> number of problems related to gcc locating header files, so I deleted
> everything and took the actions that follow. My djgpp folder is
> d:\dev\djgpp.
This is your problem, right there: DJGPP cannot be installed in a X:\DEV 
directory for any drive X:.  This is explained in both README.1ST and the 
FAQ (the FAQ mentions it twice: in section 1 and in section 22.21).

To solve the problem, simply rename d:\dev to something else, like 
d:\develop.  Since you have already moved files from their original 
places, I suggest to remove the DJGPP installation and install everything 
from the beginning.

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