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On Sun, 12 Mar 2000 sgallant AT my-deja DOT com wrote:

> DJGPP works fine in windows, but when I exit, the screen goes black and
> the entire system locks.
> When I reboot to pure dos, I get messages like "undeclared identifier in
> iostream...........blah blah.)
> Stuff that worked fine in Win95.

It seems that you want a dual-boot DOS/Windows installation.  If so, I
suggest to read section 22.19 of the DJGPP FAQ list, it explains how
to set that up.

As to the system lock-up on Windows, please explain what do you mean
by "when I exit".  Exit what?  What program are you trying to exit
when it locks up?  Is it RHIDE?

> Do I have to do a Go32-v2  each time,  cause that don't help either.

You don't have to use go32-v2 at all.  And it certainly has nothing to
do with lock-ups.

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