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Prashant TR wrote:
> Krogg <krogg DOT no DOT to DOT spam AT gtcom DOT net> writes:
> > CAN someone just email me a copy..........
> A copy of what? If you need the html docs, you have to send me the texinfo
> sources for libgpp.

Well i figured _someone_ that was following this thread,and
probly getting a real kick out  of it,might allready have done this.
Anyway,having looked through something very simular today I dont
thinkthis is the type of reference i am looking  for really.I
willcontinue to look for what itis thati need.
> The HTML converter is available only on Texutils 4.0 which is the most
> recent one. Please download that from the simtelnet mirrors.

Youpostedtheurllto the wrong versionb4 ......

Anyway,I am movingonto other thingsnow...and if anyone wants toknow
why the spacesaremnissing,itsbecause my spacebaris breaking,and i amtired
odhavingtohitit so hardtomakeit work.

BE Cool,


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