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Subject: Printing strings in VGA 13h mode (or other graphical mode)
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 Hi. How can I write a string(or a simple char) to the screen when
 I'm in graphical mode (for example, mode 13h)?
 I can't use any bios or Dos function (no interruptions).
 In other words, I've to access directly the video memory.
 I know how to "write" pixels, but how to send a char?

 I know that the card has built in font(??), but how can I use it to
 write a simple string in a certain coordinate in a screen?
 Or do I have to draw each letter I want?
 (I don't need to change the font........)

 I'm programming in C (Msc6.0) but I can use some ASM.

 Many thanks
 Nuno DOT Felicio AT bigfoot DOT com
 Greetings from Portugal.

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